About Corduroy

Corduroy is a collaborative design and planning studio that rarely operates alone.  We saw a need for a pragmatic shift in the way design and the environment come together.  Corduroy was created to emphasize how ecological, economic, infrastructure and cultural dynamics can work together to promote stewardship and great design.
It is based on:
  • Simplicity
  • Creative and Critical Thought
  • Extensive Partnerships
  • Earth First Ethos
More Than Design
Design is only the tip of our services.  The Corduroy Studio is a fresh approach to the design industry by establishing itself as a Front End Environmental Design Studio (F.E.E.D.©). We partner with the best of breed professionals on behalf of our clients. Our extensive network includes architects, interior designers, energy auditors and engineers.  Most importantly we look outside of our industry for practical alliances.  We believe that the more diverse our partners are the better your project will be.

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Project Management

Corduroy is dedicated not only to the sustainability of our designs but also the client’s experience. Projects should run on time, on budget and that is where we excel.  Straight communication and collaboration are critical for success.

Commitment to Design

There is a pragmatic shift needed in the design industry.  Projects have to be understood on several levels and that requires true outside the box thought.  We develop partnerships with people outside of the design community and have them contribute to our design process.  We feel that the best designs come from collaboration and the deeper that pool of input, the greater the design will be.

Sustainability in Design

Design should be multi-purpose, modular and interactive. More often than not real innovations, the type that can change lives, are not a part of design. Corduroy is turning sustainability into great design by considering the earth, the user and their experience.